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Derivative Originality

Reilly Smith • Nov 10 2017

And now for something completely different: three new channels in one fell swoop.

A math whiz, a South African, his South African friend, and a troupe of funny men walk into a library...


@3Blue1Brown is easily considered the most entertaining, accessible and informative math show around. Quantum physics, advanced calculus concepts, and even how cryptocurrencies actually work: there is no shortage of applicable math to your favorite topics. I can count on two hands across 11 dimensions the number of thumbs up I give 3Blue1Brown.

Door Monster

@DoorMonster are LBRY Discord regulars and a prolific sketch comedy brigade. The only thing funnier than a DoorMonster sketch is how long it's taking you to open the LBRY app and watch every single video they've produced...

Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues

@DerickWattsAndTheSundayBlues have lent their musical comedy acumen to us. Nic and Gareth are the most popular South African comedy duo on LBRY by a wide margin. They are also the 2nd and 3rd most popular South African comedy duo in the library LBRY.

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Photo of Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith · · ·

For nearly a decade, Reilly has developed, produced, championed and contributed to dozens of film projects big and small.

The only thing that rivals his love of film is the marriage between content and blockchain.

If you come from the world of film, television or web content, he's your sherpa on Mount Blockchain.

Reilly's work has been seen from Oxford, Mississippi to Sundance Film Festival, and he has produced content for Fox Digital Studios and Disney LOL.