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What are LBRY Rewards?

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Please note: iOS users will need to sign into in their browser to claim rewards (Apple Policy not to allow earning cryptocurrencies in app).

Rewards are one of the ways LBRY users can obtain LBC (also known as LBRY Credits, the digital currency token that powers the LBRY network). You can earn rewards for viewing content, following channels, publishing content, having other users to follow your channels, inviting other people to join LBRY, and more. Rewards are issued by LBRY Inc. Reward amounts are subject to change at any time.

Not all users are eligible for rewards, but you can still use LBRY without earning rewards; there is no requirement to spend LBC or even create an account if you just want to view content. Learn more about eligibility below.

If you're not eligible for rewards but want LBC to publish content or support other content creators, learn about other ways to obtain LBC.

Rewards eligibility

A reward is intended to be earned no more than one time by each real person. As such, eligibility restrictions are in place to prevent one person from earning rewards under multiple accounts.

To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up for an account and verify your email. Many users are required to complete additional verification; this is common if using LBRY from VPN or a fraud-prone network. You may not be eligible if there is already another verified account in your household/location. Users on shared connections will typically not be eligible for rewards. You will be able to receive tips from other users, even if you aren't eligible for rewards.

Eligibility may be revoked by LBRY Inc. if abuse is suspected. Your eligibility may be revoked if:

  • you use a VPN or shared network to access LBRY.
  • you try to artificially inflate follow counts or view counts (with "follow for follow" or "view for view" activity or purchased traffic) on LBRY or in other groups.
  • you spam comments on LBRY.
  • you immediately withdraw Credits from the platform and do not use LBRY for its intended usecase (i.e. brokering LBC with other members, selling accounts)

How do I claim a reward?

Some rewards will automatically be added when you complete them. Others require an explicit click or acknowledgement to receive.

All rewards can be seen by clicking your Rewards page from the Account drop down menu (top right of the app).

Rewards that you have earned will be marked in your wallet.

Learn more about Referrals.. |

Followers reward

You receive additional rewards as you build a following on LBRY. Only verified LBRY users count, so there may be a discrepancy between what you see on your rewards page and on your invites page. Share your channel with the world to earn more LBC!

Views reward and tips

You may receive additional rewards for views from validated accounts. Please see our view rewards FAQ for more details.

Custom reward codes

Custom reward codes can be claimed via the Rewards page on LBRY. You may have been given a reward code via email, social media or you stumbled upon it somewhere - whichever way, you can claim it for LBC today! It's simple, just hit Enter Code, type it in and press Redeem.

Please note: Reward code sharing is strictly prohibited and rewards privileges will be revoked.

What is the additional verification step?

Accounts created from networks that have above average fraud rates or that make it difficult to detect fraud may require additional verification steps. Even after this step, some users and regions may not qualify for rewards.

If this step is required, you will be notified when creating an account or entering the rewards area, which will then walk you through it.

The additional verifications are:

Having trouble?

If you have any questions or problems with receiving the Rewards, feel free to reach out to us.

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