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How do I change my LBRY connected email?

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In certain cases, you may want to change the email connected to your account. LBRY stores the email address along with an access token which is unique to each user account. To clear this token, use the Sign Out button on the Account overview page (click the account icon next to settings in the top right).

Wallets and rewards

Your Rewards status will not be transferred to the new account, so please reach out to us in order to merge them.

If you are using only, your wallet will also not be transferred, so please reach out to us in order to merge them. To do this merge yourself, you'd need to sign into the old email, and then the new email, via the LBRY Desktop app.

If you sign out of the Desktop app and back in with a different email, these wallets and accounts will be merged. Do not do this unless it's intentional and you expect the new email to be used by the same person.

Changing email on Android

If you need to merge wallets, you need to backup/restore your Android wallet or use the LBRY Desktop app to merge them by signing into both emails. Android wallet backup instructions.

(Exact steps may differ slightly) Before proceeding, please make sure to backup your wallet if there are funds in it

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Select Apps/Applications
  3. Scroll down to find LBRY Browser
  4. Click on it and select storage. Click Clear data
  5. Launch the LBRY app. It should ask for your new email

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